How much does it cost?

Planipy will be offered for free with a freemium account, this will allow users to generate meal plans designed for their calorific and nutritional needs. The Premium option will include; AI meal planning, shopping lists, online shopping and planipy circles for an estimated £6 a month for a single premium account, £10 for 2 users, £25 for a family account (up to 5).

Who is creating the meal plans?

Meal plans are generated automatically by our technology, supervised by our nutritionist to make sure everything works properly.

What makes planipy unique?

Planipy is the world’s first app that will know your taste, help you sustain a healthy lifestyle, and save you time and money!

What ai is used in the meal planner?

We use machine learning (which we called Jeff) to find patterns in what you like and what you don’t. This way Jeff can suggest what best fits for your taste and lifestyle!

Can I input special allergies or dietary requirements?

Yes. Planipy is all about delivering a personalised service to everyone. If you tell us what you eat and what you don’t, planipy will make sure everything works perfectly for you, so you don’t have to check labels all the time.

What does planipy mean?

Planipy is a combination of ‘plan’ and ‘Ipy. ‘Plan’ comes from meal planning. ‘Ipy’ is the Egyptian ancient mother goddess known as a protective and nourishing deity.