Planipy is the world’s first app that combines AI generated meal plans with easy online shopping and a vibrant, supportive community - all in one place.

We provide all of the necessary tools to help you easily incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle, and ensure you keep them up.

By using our unique AI technology, Planipy designs meal plans suited to all dietary requirements, while keeping costs and waste down. Our machine learning helps to keep things varied by learning your food tastes and preferences, meaning you can be as adventurous (or not...) as you please!

We are built around our users, and promote community to help keep you engaged, encouraged and on track - all without sacrificing your social life!

Be the best you

We believe in balance and flexibility.

We understand that everyone is different and want to help all people live a healthier life on their own terms.

We promote a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically.

Simple, affordable and easily accessible

We are easy-to-use.

We want to bring everything to you, all in one place.

We want to save you time, money and effort to put into the things that really matter.

We love the planet

We strive for zero waste.

We design our meal plans with as little material waste as possible, and encourage the use of leftovers and surplus from other recipes.

We cater to all dietary requirements.

It’s all about community

Life is better shared.

We give you the tools to bring your family or friends into Planipy Circles, because habits are easier to keep when we keep them together.

Our community is here to encourage and motivate you to achieve your best through the forums.

Meet our team

Mike Heichel

Founder and CEO

Crazy, weird and funny, with a deep well of ideas. With years of experience in design, interactive media and creative technologies, he currently works as a freelancer. After work, you can find him at the gym or at the University of Westminster where he teaches as a Visiting Lecturer.

Mariusz Baleczny

Lead Developer

An Android Developer with 3 years experience in health care sector. Big fan of The Beatles, Black Books and Jim Carrey. Wants to become Yosemite National Park's Ranger. Always wanted to be a Rock Star (still don't know what went wrong). TL;DR - He's a nerd.

Dominika Figaj‑Nawracala


A nutritionist with many years of experience. She’s finished many training courses, to help her improve other's way of eating to help them achieve their goals. At Planipy, she adjusts the diets to the users' needs.

Katie France

UX Designer

Is a UX designer working and living in London with 3 years under her belt. She tries to love (mostly) everything in moderation, yoga, dogs, sunsets, people watching and crime documentaries. The best advice she has ever got is ‘just keep asking why’.

Marta Pozaroszczyk


An enthusiast developer currently working as a technical writer. At work she’s also a self-motivated script coder and after hours coding lover. She's graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Automatic Control and Robotics. Her biggest love is a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

Paulina Rosinska

Marketing Specialist

An experienced Marketing Specialist in the automation industry. She has strong technical knowledge. She enjoys Spanish wine and marathons - lots of them. Loves yoga, CrossFit and cooks better than Gordon Ramsey.

Claire Smith

Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer with over 7 years experience. She has a love of bold design, bright colours and has an eye for detail. She loves fitness, running, cooking and traveling, and aims to see as much of the world as possible!